Astrology Houses - What they Tell Us About Ourselves and Others

May 10, 2020
Jesús Diaz

With a recent boom in the millennial generation, astrology is now one of the trendiest topics in social media. Some practitioners claim to be able to tell different things about a person based on their natal chart. Today, we’ll be taking a slight twist to those claims and try to tell you more about astrology houses in general terms. We may get down to few specifics however, don’t expect to be able to do a full-on reading after this.

Astrology Houses

Astrology is one of those topics from which there’s both little and a lot to say. The modern take of it is somewhat more grounded than what most people tend to believe from rumors. Astrology, as it is now, is not based on describing what your future will be, at least not entirely. Instead is much more focused on who you are and what traits describe you best. All known based on information about the positioning of celestial bodies at your time of birth and geographical location.

Before we can get down to tell you more about each and every one of the astrology houses. We need to set a strong base so that you know what we’re talking about. With that in mind, let’s begin with the most basics of concepts we’ll be dealing with.

Your birth chart and it basic parts.

As you may know so far in astrology the sky is divided into four quadrants which give rise to the twelve signs, each corresponding to a particular division. What you actually need to be able to understand your chart is knowledge about three major points.

  • The planets.
  • The signs.
  • The houses.

Furthermore, you may have heard about a few different terms, like for instance:

  • The ascendant: This is more related to the outer personality and what impressions you can generate on others. It’s associated with the rising sign.
  • The descendant: This is related to the way you relate to others and your relationships in general.
  • The Imum Coeli: It talks about your private life and the emotional roots that are present in your being.
  • The Midheaven: This speaks of your career, public persona, and in general about your place and role in society. It can also represent your ambitions and advice for those seeking a way to reach their potential.

What you can expect in a birth chart.

Astrology Houses

Above there’s an actual image of what a birth chart looks like. It’s meant to represent the position of celestial bodies, on the sky, at the time and place of birth. Like we mentioned, it’s divided into 12 sections which are known as houses.

The ascendant is always found at the middle left on the wheel and you move around it in a counter-clockwise direction. The zodiac signs are actually represented at the edge of the wheel. Beginning with Aries at the Ascendant. However, every chart begins at a different degree of the zodiac.

Just like a circle, hence the representation, the chart has 360 degrees around it. This means that each house is represented by 30 degrees, the same goes for each zodiac sign. Now, here is where it begins to get a little tricky.

The horizontal line that goes from the ascendant at the left to the descendant at the right. Symbolically it represents the horizon and it can carry a sort of poetical connotation. The ascendant at the left is your rising sign. As mentioned, it talks about your outer personality and the way people see you. Some people also say that it represents your appearance, lifestyle, and such things. Regardless of specifics, it deals with the external.

Now if you draw a perfectly vertical line in the middle of the horizontal line, you’ll get what it’s called the meridian. It’s meant to show the Imum Coeli and the midheaven. Being the last one at the top and the imum coeli at the bottom.

It’s all about the patrons.

If you take notice of the image about a birth chart above, you’ll see different lines that generate a patron. It’s precisely these patrons that give rise to the conclusions astrologers tell you about your personality and your way in life.

However, to get more insight into this you’ll have to ask one yourself. Our main focus today lies elsewhere.

What are Astrology houses?

As explained above, you can view it as one of the divisions of the celestial clock, which is another term to represent the chart. Each house represents different things about our earthly world.

Since astrology is more of a tool to gain insight about one’s own personal life and way of life. It’s only natural that each hose represents a different aspect to be found within our lives. Based on knowing which planets are at which house at a certain moment, astrologers claim to be able to discern different events that may occur to a person.

However, don’t expect something like “you’re going to win the lottery”. It only gives a course to follow, the actions that take you there are completely unrelated. This is one of the reasons monthly horoscopes are so vague, they can only have a vague impression. Incidentally, those monthly horoscopes are not nearly as accurate as a birth chart. Keep that in mind and don’t fall prey to scammers. But now, onto a description of what the astrology houses represent.

Astrology houses and what they represent.

Before we finally jump into the main topic, you need to know that astrologers place especial importance on the first, fourth, seventh, and tenth houses. These are called the angular houses because of their coincidence with the major parts described above. We mean, the imum coeli, midheaven and such points. Hence the claim that these houses will have the biggest influence on the life of a person.

The first of the astrology houses.

The first house is referred to as the house of the self. It’s said to dominate the physical body, personality, appearance, views on life, and your sense of self. This goes so far as to talk about your self-image, the beginnings of your life, and how people tend to initiate thigs. It can speak of how impulsive a person is and the way that most people around you perceive you as.

This house is ruled by the planet Mars. Keep in mind that it’s the position of the celestial bodies on different houses that can yield information. As such, it’s more about what bodies are present in this house that will have a strong influence on your personality and sense of self.

The second house.

Now, this may be the reason most people’s interest has peaked about astrology. This house talks about money and possessions. But aside from the more mundane aspects, it can also represent the aspects or traits that you value the most. Or those that will be the most valuable to you in general.

It’s said that the planets in this house can yield information about your self-esteem and your sense of self-worth. Keep in mind that you’re dealing with a practice that is used as a tool of guidance and self-discovery. As such, you may want to stay a bit clear of questions like “how much money I’m going to make this month?”. It’s more about what you really own.

However, many readers have also successfully linked it to the ability to generate wealth a person has. And with this, we do mean it in the earthliest way, cars, properties, and such.

This house is ruled by the planet Venus at it also talks about the relationship with wealth and money in general. It’s more focused on the ability to generate wealth rather than how to maintain it.

The third of the astrology houses.

This is the house of communication, this also influences our closest environment, such as family and close friends. Yet, it also speaks about short journeys and forms of transportation in general.

This house can be used to get information about the intellect of a person and the lower mind of a person. This is more about the way that a person thinks and how it follows a train thought rather than their highest form of thinking. It may yield interesting information about the early education of a person. And, of course, the way that the person deals with communication and forms of communication. This could range from knowing how much gossips can reach a person to how likely some is of spreading them.

After all, this house is associated with Gemini and the planet Mercury, known as the messenger of the gods. Hence, the main influence on communication. Little fact, the traits about early education can also be related to the classical vision of the planet Mercury, since it’s Greek god representative is also described as the creator of different sciences and art forms.

Fourth house.

Now, this house is a very important one and it talks about your home, as well as everything related to it. This is your family and personal foundations of your life. It could represent a relationship with either your father or mother figure. However, it is always associated with the upbringing figure in your life.

It can also talk about a much deeper level of insight. The base of your consciousness and the center of your existence. For a long time now it has been established that this house also represents the conditions a person would meet at the end of their lifetime. Since all that goes from home eventually returns.

It speaks about your sense of home and the kind that you want to create. However, it also speaks about your karmic lessons for this life. Since there’s nothing more personal than home, so it is the home we’ve created for ourselves in our existence.

This house is dominated by the moon and as such, any celestial body present in this house will have a strong influence over your emotions, home life, your subconscious and, a favorite of many, your relationship with your parents. Be aware of the lessons you can learn from gaining information on this house, the knowledge it brings is more often of use for the soul rather than the body.

The fifth house.

This house is related to the aspects of creativity, children, and the seeking of pleasure in life. This could go as far and wide as to hobbies to how likely a person is to take a chance and handle risk for reward decisions. Many seek information about the planets in this house when looking for a love reading since it also handles information about love affairs and personal interests.

In general, this house deals with the way you enjoy pleasure and happiness in your life. As mentioned, this house deals with love affairs and dating. However, when it comes to stable relationships and marriage it can yield little information. Remember this house is about seeking pleasure not building a lasting and cooperative relationship with a person. All these matters are more in the territory of the seventh house, but we’ll get there shortly.

This house is associated with the sign Leo and is ruled over by the Sun. Seems pretty fitting since it talks about our heart’s desires more than anything else.

The sixth house.

This house is of interest to topics such as daily work, diet, health, sickness, and the ability to work. It’s often related to those activities that people undertake as volunteers and consider work of caring. Like caring for children or the elderly, civil service, or simply daily tasks that are undertaken.

It’s also important since it talks about the quality of the work you do and your performance. Just so we’re clear, talking about your performance at a task is different from how likely you are to rise in a particular field.

This house is also ruled by Mercury and is associated with the sign of Virgo. It can portray important aspects of the hygiene and health of a person. As well as their ability to deal with a crisis.

The seventh of the astrology houses.

The seventh house is called the house of marriage and for good reason. It gives information about all aspects of relationships and marriage, but not just that, it’s also about lasting relationships and partnerships. This could be a business or romantic relationship. Ranging from the cooperativeness of a partner to the aspects of divorce and separation. You can also get to know more about potential quarrels, declared enemies, and problems with the law, in case that someone is suing you.

This house is associated with the sign Libra and, of course, is ruled by Venus. It encompasses everything that a person needs to know about building and maintaining relationships that have a more permanent tone to them. It’s very common than when a person does a reading about someone they’re just beginning to date, the love interest is at the fifth house. Months later when it becomes something more serious the reader says that the relationship has moved on to the seventh house.

This house is about cooperation and sharing, how compatible people are in regards to achieving success or accomplishing a goal. It also gives information about the way you relate to those close to you and what issues you may encounter in relationships.

The Eighth house.

Many people consider the number eight to be an unlucky number, while that may be or different reasons, this house doesn’t get away from the superstition. This house dictates aspects relating to death, taxes, inheritances, and the sexual aspect. At first glance, it may seem like the topics of the house may be all over the place. However, it’s the connotation that such events carry with them that could give rise to an interpretation of this house.

This house also deals with latent occult abilities and what your relationships owns, meaning joint resources. But this isn’t all of it. It’s also related to bankruptcy, losses, personal sacrifices, clairvoyance, and regeneration.

Much like when you get the card of death on a tarot reading, many people think is a bad thing. When in reality it can offer advice on change and transformations that need to happen for whatever reason. Let’s not forget that all change can be unpleasant, even when it takes us somewhere better. Hence the strong connotation with sex.

This house is associated with the sign of Scorpio and ruled by the planet Pluto. This is also related to why people believe the potential for the occult is manifested in this house.

The ninth of the astrology houses.

This house deals with matters such as religion, learning, law, and your higher education. It also talks about your morals, long travels, interests, and spiritual urges. People also link it with dreams, vision, ideas, wisdom, books, rituals, and your higher mind. This is the house of long plans and the highest of ideas that you get.

The thing, when dealing with higher education and the type of wisdom and knowledge presented here is that’s oftentimes more about the integration of something to your realm of conception. This means not to simply know a thing, but to understand it like you would a part of yourself. This often relates to abstraction and sometimes intuitive reasoning of a situation.

This house together with the third house represents the two polarities of the human mind. The logical and the intuitive sense of knowledge. The ninth house talks about the sense of meaning behind actions and works. It can also reflect the same about a life and the way a person acquires knowledge easily.

This house is ruled by Jupiter and it’s associated with the sign Sagittarius. Again, in a clear reference to the Greek counterpart of the legend.

The tenth house.

This house represents the sense of honor and status present in a life. It talks about the relationship of a person with power, prestige, reputation, and social matters. It also speaks valuable information about a professional career. However, only relating to the community in which the person is involved. Representing more social success within the community than a simple material gain.

This house is ruled by the planet Saturn and it’s associated with the sign Capricorn. The house and the planets on it dictate the aspects of the social foundation, recognition by the pairs, and social responsibilities of a person. You’ll see that most aspects of public life fall under the territory of this house and what it represents.

Many politicians that do believe in astrology often express a great deal of interest in this house. This may be for obvious reasons since their job is basically serving the community. However, people also use this house to bring light into situations such as what career is best suited for a person and the chances of success in that field.

Let’s remember that this house play’s a major role in the chart along with the fourth house. And like with that house astrologers are also indecisive as to what kind of upbringing figure this house portrays. Based on the descriptions on each, many say that the fourth is the house of the mother while the tenth is the house of the father. Since it’s a common tradition that it’s the men the one that takes care of social life for the family and how the social outcomes affect the family.

Keep in mind that planets present in this house will affect the career path and reputation of a person.

The eleventh house.

This house is the one that represents the sense of community within a person. It’s often used to gain information on friendships, hopes, and goals, as well as what social tendencies a person has.

Many associate this house with a sense of self-realization and liberty within a person. This house is ruled by the planet Uranus and is associated with the sign of Aquarius. It involves all aspects that the person needs to deal with in terms of a community and its place in it.

The twelfth of the astrology houses.

The twelfth house is one that represents the subconscious, the hidden self, and your subconscious memory. It’s also closely related to your habits and delicate topics such as mental illness, karmic debts, the escapism of reality, and limitations.

Given that it has a wide range of significances, this house is misunderstood much in the same manner that the eighth house. Despite that, it can bring interesting information about spiritual realization and self-deception. Often providing guidance as to what path may be the best for our spiritual self and what dangers we need to be aware of.

This house is ruled by the planet Neptune and it represents the sign of Pisces. The more material aspects of what this house represents can be related to places of confinement. Such as institutions, hospitals, prisons, and places of the kind. It also speaks about secrets, hidden enemies, tribulations, grief, and funerals.

People also say that it gives warning of murder, suicide, and kidnapping. However, people with a more optimistic perception of this house also say that it represents the collective unconscious of humanity. This is the last of the Astrology Houses in question.

A word of caution, stay away from charlatans.

Many people that claim that astrology is the absolute tool for divinatory purposes have little idea of the inner workings. These are the kind of people that actually give a bad name to the practitioners. Be aware that the concepts dealt with here are very subjective for the most part and are used as a way to gain more insight into one’s personal identity.

In fact, in its early origin astrology had little to do with determining the personality of an individual. It was born from the observation of the cycles on the sky and the seasons associated. This is pure science and its roots. Over time it did develop to what it is today. And yet, that is very different from what the common public seems to think that astrology is about.

Think of it as just a piece of friendly advice or a tool that can help you get a clearer idea of things rather than a magic crystal ball to gaze into the future. This goes in general as to what people may tell you about astrology houses.

Summing up.

When it’s about astrology houses people may have different takes on the matter. Whether one house represents one aspect more than others. However, keep in mind that birth chart readings can be highly subjective to the person. So, no absolute definitions and lines can be drawn as laws. If you’re having problems remembering all the information above, we can leave a simple chart to help you remember.

Astrology Houses

Hopefully, by now, you have a clearer understanding of what kind of information is associated with each house. This can be very helpful in the future or whenever you feel like getting a birth chart for yourself or a friend. Remember that the representation of a house can vary quite a bit when it comes to the eighth and tenth houses. Just, keep it in mind as to avoid scaring yourself over something that may not be really bad at all.

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