How to Lose Weight Fast: 3 Simple Scientific Steps [Updated]

April 20, 2020
Jesús Diaz

The road to weight loss is filled with common misconceptions and false practices often being attribute due to what we call “bro-science” wherein people follow diet or gym procedures often with the basis that it worked for them – it may as well work for others too. But the truth behind that is that things we talk about in “bro-science” are never really backed by scientific evidence or proofs from experts. But here, we’ll list down three of the most effective ways of losing weight, fast. Only this time, we’re backed by science to prove what we aim to claim.

There’s a lot of ways to lose weight but not all of them would produce the result that you want while leaving you still satisfied with what you eat. More than often you would feel that you’re making drastic lifestyle changes when in reality it should be subtle. No pain, no gain. Sure that’s saying has been going around for centuries now but it shouldn’t be the case all the time. So if you’ve done crash-dieting or staving off your hunger just to get that feeling of “diet” going on then maybe you’re doing things wrong because adjusting to a diet shouldn’t feel like that.

That being said, most people who work on making drastic changes on their eating patterns often fail for a single reason, which is the lack of willpower to push through with it, not to mention that you’re running with no fuel in the tank and a devastating hunger that creeps up on you. That being said in this article we’ll help you out by showing you a solid weight loss plan that would improve how you take in food and you’ll feel this all happening because one, your appetite would be greatly reduced, two notice that you’re losing weight quickly (numbers on the scale wouldn’t lie) without feeling hungry all the time. And lastly, be more vibrant or energetic as your metabolic health improves the same time your eating patterns adjust.

1. Reduce or remove sugars and starches intake

So let’s get that sorted out right away. Two of the things that you would need in order for this weight loss plan to succeed is giving up on things that are absolutely addicting. Sugars and starches (carbohydrates).

The main reason behind this (as we mentioned we’re backed up by science on this one!) is that sugars and starches are two of the food groups that contain the most calories. Losing weight is not a magical procedure, it’s more or less a mathematical one. And it follows a very simple formula, you should burn more calories than what you bring in. Now sugar and starches are two of the most common culprits that we may eat a lot of but we never really get filled. So the tendency is that we eat more of it, which makes us a lot more fatter than how we should be. To put things into perspective, a 200 calorie diet could either comprise of a plate filled with broccoli, or half of a snickers bar. Knowing your current state, without the discipline of food intake yet, you might just go for the snicker bar. But let me stop you right there, which of the two food options that were given to you would you suppose to fill you better? Of course, the broccoli, you’re being served a whole plate of that!

So we talked about the sugar intake by comparing the number of vegetables you could eat versus half a snicker bar. But that didn’t really tackle starches right? Well, starches are small food that can pack up a huge amount of calories. This could be potatoes, rice, or even white bread. Yeah, they can be small or few, but they do bring in a lot of calories that your body would use as energy or fuel to keep you moving throughout the day. Eliminate starches and your calorie intake goes down. This forces the body to take in energy elsewhere. Which you would’ve guessed it, fats. So the body shifts it’s attention from calories to fats stored in our body thus essentially burning or eliminating them altogether. This is why regularly doing exercises makes perfect sense when it comes to burning fats.

Cutting back on carbohydrates also reduces the body’s insulin levels which effectively reduces unnecessary fluids in our body. This means that you push out excess fluids from your body which reduces bloat and water weight bringing you in much faster results when you step on the scale.

Would you be surprised to see you lose five kilograms or ten pounds, maybe even more within one week? Well it wouldn’t be an uncommon situation if you cut back on sugar and starches. The culmination of your food discipline would force the body to burn fat and remove excess water weight.

And you might be wondering now, would you have to endure this diet for the rest of your weight loss journey? No. Why? Because your body starts to adjust and you would fill much more fuller than before and at some point you, yourself would completely avoid sugar and starches without making any active effort on it just because you have acquired the food intake discipline you would need in your weight loss journey! And lastly, to put things into perspective here's a body weight vs time graph to make things much more easier for you to visualize how changing what you eat directly affects your weight.

2. Change what you eat to food that are rich in Protein and Fat together with Vegetables

The perfect balance to every meal is the combination of all those three. Revolving around this particular meal set up would bring you into the recommended range of carb intake amounting to 20-50 grams per day. Further allowing you to lose weight without putting in too much work. You also have to remember that losing weight is about seventy percent adjusting on your food intake and thirty percent of working out. So we’re still trying to fix that seventy percent by letting you know to have a well balanced meal.

Eating healthy amounts of protein has proved to increase metabolism rate by eighty to one hundred calories per day! To make things much more simpler to understand, if you eat a lot of protein, you lose more calories than you normally do. That’s comparable to a passive workout! Imagine sitting down doing nothing the whole day but you ate a healthy amount of protein well that would help you burn one hundred more calories than usual!

Some good examples of protein are from meat, mainly from beef, chicken, pork, lamb etc. They can also exist on fish and seafood such as salmon, trout, shrimp etc, and lastly, eggs. Whole eggs with yolk are absolutely great protein sources – this is why eggs are considered to be weightlifters best friend!

High protein diet can curb your appetite, reducing cravings! You don’t have to actively fight yourself in reaching for that bag of chips because your body itself will tell you not to! You don’t even have to think about it! It becomes so natural since your body would be accustomed to your diet and would be so busy burning out proteins from your previous meal you’d still feel full and avoid the chips or unhealthy cravings altogether.

Now fill up your plate to the brim with low carb vegetables as well such as broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, tomatoes, kale, brussels sprouts, cabbage, swiss chard, lettuce, cucumber and a whole lot more or other vegetables. You can eat tons of these stuff without having to worry about the calorie count! Remember what we mentioned in the previous part of the article about having a whole plate filled with broccoli? Yeah that should give you a better picture as to why eating a lot of it would make you feel so full yet still not be bothered by the amount of calories you’re taking in.

Lastly fat sources are a necessity as well to keep your metabolism up and running real well, think of it as an oil for the machine. It helps grease out the process of digesting in food. So some fat sources we would recommend are olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and butter.

3. Workout by lifting weights or strength training for about three times a week.

Let me make this clear, following this plan does not require you to workout or exercise, no. But it is recommended that you lift some weights or do some strength training, why you may ask? Because by lifting weights you burn extra calories by exerting effort. This also keeps metabolism running at extreme paces as your body tells itself that it needs to pull energy both from calories you’ve eaten within the day and fat stored in your body in order for you to do the weights!

Lifting weights also help in the long run. As you develop muscle from the reps you’ll be doing from the weights, those muscle would need calories or fat to sustain themselves in good form. Essentially they would do the workout for you on times that you think you’re body is at rest. You could be sitting all day not knowing that your muscles are too busy burning out extra energy. In the end you lose more calories than what you take in making your weight loss journey a constant progress that your muscles work on.

By following this plan you would “automatically” adjust your eating patterns and you’d notice portion controls being set in place or being practiced. Not to mention an increase in energy or vitality would be observed as well. And lastly, to conclude everything. No part in this guide has mentioned that you would need to have the feeling of being starved in order for this to work. You just need to develop the right mindset on the things you eat and it becomes a self sustaining process wherein your body would thank you later on down the road once you see those benefits.

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