How To Scan WhatsApp QR Code

April 18, 2020
Jesús Diaz

QR Codes have been extremely useful to us whenever we would want to convey information quickly. I'm sure you've been into a grocery store, now imagine buying stuff and having to line up on the counter just before paying only for the cashier to manually type in the name of the things that you have bought, comb through their database and enter the quantity of the things you've bought and repeat that process for every single item on your shopping cart. The queue would probably be way too long and would be extremely inefficient because this process would have to happen for every single item, for every single customer. Hence! The invention of barcode!

Barcode is what's commonly used these days on stores, they can quickly refer to an item in their database depending on how unique the barcode is, it somewhat acts like a fingerprint on each every single item denoting their name, price or whatever valuable data that they may entail. This is particularly useful on supermarkets as they have barcode scanners that should work by pointing the barcode portion of a product into the gun and necessary information would show up on their point of sale terminal.

But what does all of that mean on knowing how to use a QR Code? A QR Code is an updated version of a barcode, wherein instead of barcode guns are used, we use our device's camera. It's principle is still the same however it's a much more better approach when doing a point-and-shoot kind of approach when exchanging information. Some business cards now have QR codes imprinted on them, knowing how to use them would instantly put in their contact information in your phone.

Similarly, the technology behind QR code is the one responsible for fast exchanges of information such as checking out a user on Snapchat, Instagram or even Messenger. However they aren't the only ones taking advantage of what QR code has to offer and WhatsApp is also implementing or using it too. So today we'll be teaching you how to use WhatsApp Web QR code.

Step One:

As a standard operating procedure, always check if you have the latest version of the application installed on your phone! This ensures that you have the QR capability or feature on your WhatsApp enabled. You can refer on other guides on how to check if your application is up to date, this would depend if you're using an iOS or an Android device.

Step Two:

On the menu simply click WhatsApp Web option.

Step Three

The camera should now pop up and it would show up with a square grid on it, this indicates where the main focus of the QR code should be. Simply align that square grid with the QR code that you have or would need to scan and you're good to go!

The camera opens up with the square grid indicating where you should point the qr code at
Simply point the camera on the qr code

And just like that you have already used the QR code's full potential on WhatsApp! It is also worth noting that the camera quality of your phone is to be taken into consideration, newer phones with much higher camera quality can convey information much more quickly as they would recognize the qr code much more faster. While older phones may take more time in finding the right angle or scanning in the qr code.

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