How to use Spotify's web player in 2020

April 18, 2020
Jesús Diaz

We know how painful it is to do your daily chores without music. Really, sometimes it could be mind-boggling how the world used to function before the invention of music happened. These days we have a lot of music streaming apps that offer different content to be played on different devices. It's wise to subscribe to one of these services and completely forget about purchasing music one by one. Or if you're one of those people who pirate stuff then more reason for you to stop. Forget all that hassle, just open up Spotify and click on the music you want to listen to! But let's say you forgot your phone, or your earphones, then you find yourself on a long commute to work all without music to accompany you on your usual routine. What a bummer right? Then you sit on your office desk, started booting your applications and you may act all fine but at the back of your mind you are bummed that you don't have music to help you get through the next eight to nine, maybe even ten hours at work. Trust me, we've all been there.

But what if I tell you that you can still play all the songs you love, your saved jams, your "extremely lit" playlist or your "lord, help me get through the day" playlist on the comfort of your own computer? Spotify was smart enough to address the need for multiple channels for us to listen to our favorite tunes. They got an application for mobile phones, PC, your smart TV, they're everywhere. So let's go back to the scenario - you're on your office, working on some stuff in your computer with no music to listen to, and you can't install the Spotify application on your computer because it would require an administrative password in order for you to install the application. So where does that leave us? Still with no music.

Thankfully, Spotify allows your good old friend web browser which could be Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari or whatever you use for browsing the net as a medium to get in touch with your favorite songs and music!

So how do we do that you may ask? Simple! Just go to with your web browser and log your account details in! It works just as well as the mobile application and it should work seamlessly as if you're listening to the music on your mobile app!

Using the web browser player requires no installation, no hassle, no unnecessary stuff, no hoops and jumps that you would have to go through in order to listen to your favorite music! Also with the web player the experience is consistent with how you normally would get from using Spotify on any other platform or devices. You can go ahead and search for artists, albums, tracks and playlists! See familiar options such as the Featured section wherein they feature extremely good artists every now and then that's taking the music scene like a storm! Browse New Releases where tracks are fresh as how they should be served! And lastly my personal favorite, genres and moods wherein we get to pick what songs we would listen to depending on how we would feel. This makes everything much more bearable since more than often you can see music that goes perfectly well with whatever you're thinking or going through at the moment! And lastly you could also view artist pages and discover new or existing tracks, upcoming events, or concerts that are held by your favorite artist!

Spotify in its web browser glory!

Getting Errors?

On rare occurrence that the web player isn't working make sure that your browser is up to date. Else update your browser! You may refer to your browser's support page on how to update whatever you may be using. If you still can't play your music then it's worth clearing your browser's cache or history, just delete it all to be safe then try logging in again. If you still can't try for the third time, open up your browser's incognito or private mode this more than often does the trick and should get that web browser player up and running in no time.

And if you get through the spotify web player and you see an odd message saying "Playback of protected content is not enabled" you may want to "enable the web player" and for you to do that just simply enable the Widevine plugin or download a media pack, this can be a particular solution on Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge. And you can check it out here!

You may also want to check @SpotifyStatus on twitter and see if there's any sort of anomaly or down time they'll be the first one to tweet some sort of status and maybe there's a whole bunch of other people that can't get in on the web player either.

And finally, hopefully, your network administrator, if you're listening in school/work / or office, allows connection to the Spotify site because sometimes they can restrict access to certain content, services or websites. In regards to this you can contact those who are in charge, could be your administrator and see if they do allow you to connect to Spotify. If they do, then the problem may not be on their side.

Listening to the web player is all fun, amazing and seamless! But it is also worth considering to install the desktop application if you could or if you want to! Here's the link to that.

Keep in mind that the features that you have either if you're a free user or a premium user would retain, so the ads would still play if you haven't subscribed to premium but thankfully they do allow you to select what music you could listen to when you're using a computer. This applies to both the web player and the application itself. Hopefully, we have laid down and explained how to access the web player of Spotify!

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