Sexy Snapchat account to follow right now in 2020 [Updated]

April 24, 2020
Jesús Diaz

Tired of looking at porn? Longing for a more interactive experience? Then you’re in luck. Following on the style of the well-known messaging app that offers the ability to take, and send quick videos and photos. Snapchat also gives you the possibility to message your favorite people to follow. Hence why today we bring you spicy sexy Snapchat accounts to follow for a sexy time.

Sexy Snapchat

Most of the girls presented here will offer different services. From Dick ratings to, daily xxx shows. Some will allow you to send private messages at any time, others won’t, this depends on the model.

Regardless of the perks and services offered, all the accounts presented here are premium accounts. So, be ready to spend at least some money to get an interactive experience with some of the hottest girls you’ll see.

Without much more to present, let’s get down to our sexy Snapchat list.

Our top sexy Snapchat accounts to follow right now!

There’s no real order to this list, so, just feel free to take a look and see what these girls have to offer.

Lana Rhodes.

Sexy Snapchat

Lana Rhodes is a long fan-favorite account to follow. In case you didn’t know she has a sexy Snapchat account to back up her endeavors in the adult film industry.

With a breast size of 32D and stunning blue eyes, this adult model currently living in Los Angeles sure knows what you want to see. Posts come on a daily basis on her Snapchat. There are also a few interesting promises when you follow her account. One is posting scenes with at least 2 new partners every week. The second may be even better, scenes with 4 new girls every month.

Of course, the material she provides goes from full nudity to public nudity, creampies, facials and much more. Yet, this is not the perk of using her sexy Snapchat account for your pleasure. The cream to top it all off is her interactive shows. Yes, she will allow her viewers to tell her exactly what they want her to do.

Lana is very successful due to not only her curvaceous body but also due to the high level of commitment to her social media. You can get her content with a simple 100$ payment for a one-time only payment.

  • Posts new content on a daily basis.
  • Wide variety of shows and posts available.
  • Interactive shows are frequent.
  • New partners every week.

Luna Zane.

Yet another beauty that offers fresh daily content. However, you can expect more than your average porn from Luna Zane. Her premium and very sexy Snapchat content offers bath and showers, sloppy blowjobs, masturbation, anal, shaving shows, fetish friendly requests and much more. All featuring the option of boy/girl content or girl on girl.

She definitely provides a variety of options for her subscribers to get their mojo on. She does charge a monthly subscription fee of 16$ to be a part of her experience. With that, you’ll have full access to all of her shows, posts and you’ll be able to chat with her.

Luna describes herself as a full-time snap model. Meaning, that she makes all of her money from Snapchat shows. One of the strong points in her favor is the fact that she’s more than willing to comply with almost any kink their subscribers have. This has gotten her so far as to have hardcore and devoted followers.

  • It offers daily content with lots of different options each day.
  • Very inclusive content and fetish friendly with a high tolerance for less than common kinks.
  • The monthly subscription fee for only 16$.


Sexy Snapchat

Natasha has been a very naughty girl and now she wants to share her mischief with an audience. This sexy Snapchat model is ready to show much more than just her beautiful derriere. And she certainly has a lot to show with a DD cup for breast size.

You should definitely check out her premium account for only 35$ as a one and only payment. With that, you’ll get to watch her commit all kinds of kinky and perverted acts while wearing little to no clothes at all.

You just know that a bad girl named Natasha has what it takes to make any straight guy cum and fast. She doesn’t have many tattoos or piercings, but what she does have you’ll get to see in the most arousing fashion. Needless to say, this is model is very recommended if you’re starting out to see what this side of Snapchat is all about.

  • She offers daily adult shows.
  • Every new person joining will also receive a free blowjob video.
  • Experienced and professional with a great body to make you explode.
  • Single payment for a lifetime of content.

Sarah Love.

Sexy Snapchat

If there’s one thing we can say about Sarah is that she’s not your run of the mill girl. She’s very committed to her sexy Snapchat account. While describing herself as being a sort of a dork, we can tell you that her type is freaky and very sexy.

With a tendency to try new things and showing more than a little skin in public places. This girl has one of the best Snapchat accounts that we’ve seen so far. One of the best parts of adding her on Snapchat is that she gets what the experience should be all about.

She messages her subscribers personally and loves to do it. She’s available to receive pictures of videos of her subscribers to make the experience even more intimate and interactive.

The downside of this beauty is that her premium Snapchat account does cost 30$ per month. Yet, that may be a small price to pay compared to all that you get when you get her content straight to your phone.

  • Very interactive and engaged with her audience.
  • Risky shows and snaps on publics spots.
  • Offers squirt shows in different places.


Now is the turn of a MILF that most would certainly like to F. Ms. DeVille is known for making other Snapchat accounts feel like mere amateurs when compared to her hot content. Most of her content is free of restrictions. This means that she allows taking an unlimited number of screen captures while reviewing her material.

She’s even into receiving tributes and dick picks for rating. As with our previous model she also prefers to interact with her subscribers personally and one on one. Offering daily shows and more, this certainly a sexy Snapchat account that you must have on your radar.

Yet, that’s not the crazy part, you can add her on Snapchat completely free! Yes, free. However, her other content and services will be ones that you’ll have to pay for. Think about all you can get with a simple search. If crazy and sexy free content is not your thing then you could see how much she can do to please even the most demanding subscriber.

  • Offers free daily shows with some of the sexiest content you’ll find.
  • One on one personal interaction with her subscribers.
  • It offers a look into the taboo life of a MILF.


Sexy Snapchat

This account is better known in some circles of the internet for the tastes of the model. If you’re looking for a gamer girl that has a taste for nude gaming then this is Definitely the content best suited for you.

Naughty gaming is not the only thing that you can see in this sexy Snapchat account. Cosplays of your favorite characters are also available from time to time. But this is not just another pretty face that uses video games as a way to reach a larger audience. She has been known for inviting subscribers to play games with her online while she’s totally naked. Just imagine how much penance you can make her do if you win a match against her. However, we’re not saying that it would be an easy task to do so.

She offers a free subscription to get started with her content. You can also message her directly and star talking one on one with her. If playing video games naked with a hot girl is not an intimate experience then we don’t know what it is.

  • Daily nude content for all subscribers.
  • Naked gaming experience.
  • One on one chat with subscribers for a fun and intimate experience.


This account gets the award for being one of the most interactive experiences in Snapchat. Constantly posting new content and always interacting with subscribers, you’ll get all kinds of reactions from this babe.

The feeling that this Snapchat account is somewhat secretive about the model activities is very enticing and hot. Offering different types of shows, from boy/girl content to girl on girl and shower shows. Known for posting day and night the model is not one for settling with just enticing the audience. She has a lot of different packages available for those who want to fully take control of the Snapchat experience.

You’d usually get to see models like this one charging up t0 300$ dollars for a requested video with a decent length. And, while this girl is no exception to that rule, you can get access to her snapSnapchatchat for a life-time valid payment of only 10$. Be aware, that is just the hook she needs to make you see her content, one you do good luck not getting some of the most expensive packages.

  • Wide range of adult shows and content.
  • Occasionally other models will swing by to help her with her shows.
  • Allows almost all kinds of requests from her subscribers.

Asa Akira.

If you were looking to go Asian with your sexy Snapchat model selection then one of the best is definitely Asa Akira. This model is really ready to make you explode with the most enticing pictures and shows that leave little to nothing to the imagination.

She offers different shows and content for her subscribers. From recordings of her real sex life which includes, blowjobs, solo masturbation and even creampies. Yet, her favorite show is anal, so be ready for pretty much any kind of extremely adult content from this sexy snap chat account.

This is one of the strictest accounts when it comes to recording her shows or taking captures. Anyone that is caught recording or taking a screen capture will be automatically deleted. The good side, aside from her body, is that is one of the most affordable models that offer snap chat content. You’re able to get her premium Snapchat account for a subscription of 10$ per month.

  • Daily shows with different adult material.
  • It offers a look into her real-life experience with real partners.
  • Interactive chat with good reception for all kinds of adult pictures and messages.


Sexy Snapchat

Who here doesn’t know about Brazzers? The answer will likely be none. This account offers a personal view of the hottest stars from the adult film industry. If you have ever wondered about how things unfold backstage and funny yet really pornographic bloopers, then getting a subscription to this account is really something to consider.

Get the best selection of the hottest scenes from porn films straight to your phone. Sometimes you’ll even catch a sneak peek to some of the upcoming productions that the studio is currently working on.

Since there’s almost no discussion that Brazzers is at the top of the porn industry. Why not trust them to bring you the best material via Snapchat? From pictures to videos and interactions with their stars, this account has a lot to offer the public. It’s even cheaper than some of the other Snapchat accounts published here. For 18$ per month, you’ll get the full experience of Brazzers on your Snapchat.

  • Get the best selection of porn scenes.
  • Sneak peeks for new and upcoming productions.
  • Professionally managed with a constant flow of material to view.

Be aware of who you’re following!

While a sexy Snapchat account is very tempting, you need to be aware that all the models posted here are doing these activities under their own decision and are over the legal age required to engage in such actions.

Should you see any violation of the legally required age for adult material please notify the pertinent authorities. This is no joke, and sex trafficking is an unrequired evil in the adult community and in this world.

Other than that, be sure to enjoy with the total trust our selection of the best sexy Snapchat accounts that you can follow in 2020. Besides, getting your sexy time this way also counts as a form of social distancing.

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