New up and coming Snapchat Girls that you need to see in 2021

December 23, 2020
Jesús Diaz

Want to get to sexy time online? Tired of only having to deal with the same old porn sites? Why not try something more interactive, like Snapchat. Below we will be presenting the best and newest Snapchat girls in 2020. These accounts are the perfect solution to your isolation problems while we’re dealing with these hard times.

Below you’ll find a list with 13 Snapchat girls that you must absolutely need to check out this year. Whether you’re doing it for the looks, to learn from their business, or simply because you want to. If we have to recommend premium accounts, we’ll definitely go with these ones.

Snapchat Girls

Keep in mind that while the girls presented here are in fact gorgeous. They’re still people and Snapchat does allow two-way interaction. So, always be nice when you get in touch with them. Aside from that, be sure to understand the rules that they impose upon their subscribers. It’s always best to be on the good side of a cute girl.

13 Snapchat girls that you need to see in 2020.

1. Daniela Tamayo.

Snapchat Girls

Starting our list at number one we have, miss Tamayo. Daniela is one of those girls that can make nearly any guy say wow. This Colombian beauty has surely made a name for herself in social media. Mostly dealing with adult content, you can bet that she’s at the top of most lists of Snapchat girls.

From the hottest accent that you’ve heard to the absolutely most gorgeous booty that you’ll see. This girl will help you handle your more urgent and carnal bodily desires. Take it from someone that has gone quite a way around finding the best premium accounts to present here.

2. Jayden Nicole.

Jayden Nicole was a playmate of the year in 2008 and now has decided to storm Snapchat. In reality, this is more like storming your purse considering the tons of available material she has in her premium account.

You may have seen this beauty before, a side from playboy, she has an outstanding tv career. From different reality shows, one of them more known than others, to modeling gigs and commercials. This Snapchat girls surely knows her way around a camera. This in part may have been the reason she decided to take on Snapchat.

From her titles as a certified personal trainer and fitness nutritionist, from one look I’m able to tell that she definitely knows how to take good care of her body. While this account has been around a little longer than others, it definitely deserves a place in this list.

3. Brittney Palmer.

Out on spot number 3, we got a girl that really knows how to feature on a great many media. Being an actress, a tv host, and an octagon girl for the UFC, you must have seen her on tv at some point.

The good news is that she now has a Snapchat account. You can find her relatively easy and check out her daily fee with different activities. One of such is a hobby of painting in which she’s very talented indeed.

Miss Palmer has also been a Playboy playmate so maybe you can find some of her more mature content online if you decide to seek an account from a different spot in our list. Nevertheless, you always have her Snapchat account to satisfy yourself, she sure is one of the best Snapchat girls that we could find on this 2020.

4. Janey B.

This Filipino model that has a tendency to increase room temperature with just a wink is the owner of the fourth spot on our list. Currently living in South Carolina, she knows her way around the proper handling of balls, and with that, I refer to her hobby of playing volleyball.

Other than that, she’s a very athletic girl that has been featured in different sports magazines. She has also made a few appearances on tv, one of the most known ones was for the show Tosh.0.

Yet, the most important appearance she may have for you is via Snapchat. You can find her as “Hello_Janey” and start enjoying her content right away.

5. Laura Lux.

Laura Lux is a very talented DJ and model that lives on the west side of Hollywood. Originally from Australia, this one of the best Snapchat girls that the public sure loves. From her tendency to display different hair colors to show a little more than that. Laura can make you drop your pants faster than she can drop the beat.

Being very active on social media also helps her gain new followers every day. Right now, she has well over a million on Instagram alone. Please be sure to find her on Snapchat at “luxvader” and enjoy all the content she has to offer.

6. Amanda Cerny.

This cherry pie came out of nowhere one day and decided to take Instagram and Vine by surprise. From being Playboy’s Playmate of October in 2011 to racking up an enormous amount of followers. As for today, she’s somewhere above 4 million followers.

Yet, don’t let the taste of others influence your perspective on the matter. Feel free to look her up on Snapchat as “AmandaCerny”. However, it’s also likely that you’ve already heard of her as the “Queen of The Snapchat”. This just what some of her fans call her, but not only for her amazing body. It’s also due to the way she handles her social media and interacts with her followers. She has an incredibly cool sense of humor and is fond of sharing it via the internet.

7. Luciana Andrade.

Snapchat Girls

This Brazilian beauty is well known in the UFC circle for being one of the hottest octagon girls that have ever step up to show her curves. So far this has been one of the most active Snapchat girls on social media. She’s more into modeling conventionally than for the adult industry.

However, don’t let that discourage you from taking a peek at her Snapchat account. The eye candy presented there makes good for her reputation as an overall healthy girl that likes to take care of herself.

Not everything that you see is what you get with this babe. Luciana Andrade also got her Law bachelor’s degree in Brazil and will have little to no quarrels standing up for herself, whether on a physical confrontation or a legal one.

8. Sara Underwood.

Snapchat Girls

Miss Underwood, one of the most successful Playboy playmates in their history, is now tackling Snapchat. Sara has taken quite the liking to hiking and communing with nature. Sometimes, this takes the form of a sexy photoshoot out in the wild. Other times it’s simply about sharing a good and nice experience outdoors.

From our list of the best Snapchat girls in 2020, this one sure stands out heads and shoulders above the rest in terms of how successfully she has handled her merchandise and made her name known.

As if having a rocking body is not enough you can also find quite the mature material from her. Mostly featuring different outdoor locations and very little clothes. Sadly most of this material is only available on her private Snapchat and is most likely going to stay that way, at least for the time being.

9. Bri Teresi.

Snapchat Girls

Presenting another contender for the title of “Snapchat Queen”, we’ve got Bri Teresi. While this girl may appear as shy at first glance. We can tell you that she’s one of the most adventurous girls in Los Angeles.

With a body to back up her claims to the throne, this is one of the sexiest Snapchat girls that you can find anywhere. She’s been around for a while now, featuring on different media, racking up media and followers.

However, with only 240,000 Followers on Instagram she still quite a way to go if she wants to be the undisputed “Snapchat Queen”. Be sure to keep your eyes on her to see if you can show you exactly why she deserves the title more than anyone else. Worst case scenario you’ll get to appreciate her exquisite figure.

10. Denise Schaefer.

Miss Schaefer came into the limelight in 2013 and since her start on social media and Snapchat, she has become one of the most sought after Snapchat girls. You wouldn’t suspect at first glance that this beauty comes from Peru, nut that’s only her expensive tastes.

The good news is that with those expenses there’s also a good way to cover them. This is her modeling career and Snapchat account. There’s little room for imagination once you spend a few dollars on her premium Snapchat account.

She aspires to become a model for Victoria’s Secret and if you don’t mind me saying, she definitely is well on her way to do so considering the number of photoshoots that she’s gotten thanks to her Instagram account alone.

11. Dolly Castro.

Snapchat Girls

Dolly Castro is known for being a successful actress, designer, and fashion model. Despite all of her amazing achievements, what called my attention was the beautiful body she has. One look at it and couldn’t stop thinking about her curves. So, naturally, once I found out that she has a Snapchat account couldn’t resist placing her on a list of Snapchat girls that you need to follow in 2020.

Her career started when she was just sixteen years old and since then it has not stopped growing. Only she can tell you what her drives and motivation are, but I can tell you that she’s certainly dedicated and can achieve anything she puts her mind into.

The best about Snapchat is that you can interact with the public. So, if you want to know more about this curvaceous girl just look her up on Snapchat.

12. JoJo Skriver.

Better Known as Josephine Skriver, has had a Snapchat account for quite some time now. However, it has gone mostly unannounced. Recently the account has seen a new revitalization. This could be due to her efforts to showcase even more of her modeling.

She made her debut to the public in 2011 as Victoria’s Secret Angel, and her career skyrocketed after that. With 2.6 million subscribers on her Instagram account and numerous fashion shows under her belt. This is a sure sight on most lists featuring Snapchat girls that you absolutely must see.

This Danish beauty came to ransack most of your sleep hours. When you see her on the runway you won’t be able to stop thinking about what she’s posting on her Snapchat account. So, do yourself a favor a look her up right away.

13. Laci Kay Somers.

Snapchat Girls

Last but not least we have Laci Kay. This beauty is an actress, singer, fitness model and our 13 choice for one of the best Snapchat girls on 2020.

This girl definitely has what it takes to tackle the hardships of the world. From her time as a ring girl for different MMA fights to her work with social media. Most people will have no problem recognizing this American model from one of her previous gigs.

Right now, she has over 4 million followers on Instagram and her net worth just keeps on growing by the day. So, basically, she has the money, the looks, and the talent. Just come take a look at her Snapchat account and see how generous she can be.

Wrapping up.

Hopefully, you’ve taken your time looking into this list of the best Snapchat girls to follow in 2020. Some of them are more known that others, regardless they’re all deserving your time, attention, and special consideration.

Feel free to use some of the names on this list for your own pleasure. Again, just make sure that you understand the rules of every account. Other than that, happy snapping!

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